Mario Tennis Aces Hits the Switch this Spring

After the troubles that the latest Ultra Smash held, it looks like Nintendo is ready to give things another go with Mario Tennis Aces — the next installment of the popular Mario sports title from developer Camelot.

The surprise announcement came as part of Nintendo’s sizzle-reel style Direct Mini publishes yesterday morning. The footage shows a bit of what fans have come to expect from a Mario Tennis title — and a couple surprises as well. For instance: A story mode in a Mario sports title. 

For the first time since Mario Tennis Power Tour back on the Gameboy Advance, Mario Tennis Aces will feature a story mode that will have players visiting different arenas and areas to complete unique tasks and challenges. At this time, it is unclear if any character aside from Mario is playable for this portion, but the plumber can be seen facing off against both Donkey Kong as well as series mini-boss Peter Pirahna.

At this time, the only release information known for Mario Tennis Aces is that it is planned to land on Nintendo Switch sometime this Spring. 

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