Kirby Star Allies Set to Launch March 16

After a half a year of promotion since its reveal during last E3, Nintendo has finally confirmed that Kirby Star Allies — the pink puffball’s next adventure — is set to debut on Nintendo Switch this March.

The release date was revealed alongside a new trailer during yesterday morning’s Nintendo Direct Mini. While the video featured some previously seen footage, it also showed off a number of new materials for the upcoming 3D platformer. On top of gameplay, some new cutscenes were also shown off that showcase the game’s graphics for this generation.

Among new features are two copy abilities that are a first for the Kirby series: Artist and Spider. The first of these allows for Kirby to draw to life different characters and allies to perform simple functions or attacks, while the second gives the Star Warrior the ability to trap enemies in balls of web. In addition, akin to Kirby 64, players will be able to “combine” forces once again, partnering up with either player or CPU controlled teammates to use abilities in conjunction with each other. 

Much to fans delight, it was also confirmed that series ‘frienemy’ Meta Knight will be returning in Kirby Star Allies as a fightable boss — alongside some others that were shown off. 

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