Aegislash and Blastoise Coming to Pokken Tournament DX

Aegislash featured alongside new support Pokemon in trailer

Yesterday, it was announced that Pokken Tournament DX will see two new Pokemon join its roster this year. Aegislash and Blastoise are both set to join as new fighters within the next few months.

Though both announced as part of the latest Nintendo Direct, it was Aegislash that received most of the spotlight. The sword-and-shield-like Pokemon could be seen in action against some opponents.

Known in the original Pokemon games for its ability to switch forms, it would appear that Aegislash retains this feature in Pokken Tournament DX. Though it isn’t clear yet whether forms will switch manually or automatically across the two phases of battle, we do see in action an Aegislash that appears to be quite active.

Not content simply with slashing, the Pokemon appears to have some unique special moves as well. There seem to be a few element-based slash attacks in addition to a literal laser that the Pokemon might use as a super move.


Alongside Aegislash in the video can be seen two new support Pokemon, which will be released at the same time as the new playable Pokemon. Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu are to be featured as a new support package. Mega Rayquaza seems to function as a sweep attack launched across the map, whereas Mimikyu seems to work best as a close-range lock or interrupt.

Though Blastoise is confirmed for release (alongside the support Pokemon pair of Mew and Celebi), the Direct had no footage of the Pokemon.

The latest Pokken Tournament DX DLC will be featured in waves, and while Aegislash, Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu make up the first wave, Blastoise, Mew and Celebi will comprise the second.

The first wave of DLC will be released January 31, whereas the second will release on March 23.

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