The World Ends With You: Final Remix Revealed for Switch

Sticking to their word, Square Enix is reviving the cult classic DS hit The World Ends With You for an updated HD version on the Nintendo Switch — set to include new story scenarios as well. 

The announcement was made to kick off this morning’s surprise Nintendo Direct Mini presentation. In it, a short gameplay trailer was shown that showcases both a fresh HD makeover since its debut in 2008 — as well as some new Joy-con functionality mixed in with traditional touch controls akin to the original version. As stated, it was also confirmed that a new epilogue will be available in-game the will shed new light on the overall story. 

At this time, no release window has been given other than “later this year”. However, seeing as how a gameplay trailer is already available and the title was previously completed on the Nintendo DS, the wait should not be too excruciatingly long. 

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