Donkey Kong Swings Through Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

DK new character in a new story location

After months of speculation, the new character of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle has been revealed. And much to everyone’s surprise, Donkey Kong is our mystery challenger.

The announcement comes with this morning’s Nintendo Direct Mini, which came with several other big reveals. A reveal trailer was shown of the new character, giving us a cinematic glimpse of DK in action.

Though there isn’t any gameplay specifically, there are some things we might gather from the video. First is that DK seems to either: A) have an especially powerful Team Jump ability, or B) be capable of throwing teammates as an action. To escape the Rabbid enemies, DK does seem to throw Rabbid Peach especially far.

Second is the banana boomerang toss we see Donkey Kong disable the Rabbids with. It is likely that this represents a special ability or secondary weapon of DK. Either way, the video seems to indicate that it is able to target multiple enemies at once.


Lastly, it would seem that the video also showcases the world of the story DLC of Mario + Rabbids. It has already been confirmed that Donkey Kong will be made available as part of the new story content. The area seems to be fittingly jungle-themed, the Rabbids wearing feathers and headdresses and the blocks and trees overgrown with vines.

Donkey Kong and the story DLC is planned to release sometime this spring. No price point is available yet, but it will be made free with the game’s season pass.

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