Bioshock Developer Reveals Easter Egg Ten Years Old

Reveal served as proof of developer’s identity

Many games have Easter eggs. The vast majority of Easter eggs are found quite quickly, but in the case of some, it can take much longer. Like the secret a former 2K Marin developer revealed only recently, just a few months after the game’s ten-year anniversary.


Sometimes, developers do reveal their secrets. Often, it is done on an occasion important to the game—like its ten-year anniversary. Bioshock’s own ten-year passed quietly, however. Instead, this Easter egg has an interesting story tied to it.

In a Reddit forum, on the subject of drugs and videogames, one anonymous poster mentioned that they formerly worked at 2K Marin. It was tied to his own secondhand experience with others using drugs in the industry.

Naturally, another Reddit poster doubted him. His answer, to prove his identity? The revelation of an Easter egg not found before, though in a game over ten years old.


Given how complicated the process is, it is no mystery the Easter egg went undiscovered for so long. Most Easter eggs today are simple game references, or hidden in locations found by a quick ‘noclip.’ Most don’t require perfect timing with specific abilities.

Props to Nick Monroe for being able to pull this off.

The Bioshock Easter egg proves that there may yet be secrets hiding in the games we think we know well. Who knows? Perhaps with another ten years, we will learn something crazy about Breath of the Wild or Overwatch as well.

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