‘Dragon Age’ Dwarf to Publish Real-World Novel

Hopefully Varric will see some of the income

Plenty of videogames make the transition from game to book, as seen with the World of Warcraft novels. Some even jump from book to game, as seen with The Witcher.

What doesn’t happen too often is an in-game book finding its way into real life.


Fans of Dragon Age likely remember the roguish dwarf Varric Tethras, star NPC of Inquisition and Dragon Age 2. Prince of a noble family, Varric runs a network of spies and is known for his charisma and wit. He even has a signature crossbow, named after a mysterious girl. But Varric is perhaps best know for his stories.

In Dragon Age, Varric Tethras is an author. In and around the game’s cities, he has published several novels. And soon enough, his breakthrough work will find its way out here too.

With help from his “human confidante” Mary Kirby, Hard in Hightown will be Varric’s first book published outside Dragon Age. No longer available just in bits and pieces, fans will soon finally be able to read the full tale of guardsman Donnen Brennokovic.


In the style of noir, Varric’s novel follows Donnen as he and his new partner investigate a shadowy murder. With a mystery extending well beyond this single incident, the two soon find themselves in an all-out underground war.

Longtime fans of Varric and new ones alike will have to wait a while for the novel’s release. A Barnes & Noble listing tells us the book will not be available until July 31, 2018.

Until then, readers might have to settle for the fragments currently available. More news is similarly yet awaited on Dragon Age 4.

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