Zangoose and Seviper Swap Locations

Pokemon nemeses trade continents in Pokemon GO

In Pokemon lore, Zangoose and Seviper are mortal enemies. Their relationship parallels that of the mongoose and the viper, both of whom are deadly to one another. In light of this, it would make sense that the two Pokemon would be exclusive to different regions.

Rather, it’s the recent ocean-hopping that has left some players confused.


When first implemented, Zangoose and Seviper had clear region parameters. Zangoose was to be found in North America, Africa and the Arabian peninsula, while Seviper was native to Australia, the Middle East and Europe. It would appear that recently, however, the two Pokemon have swapped locations.

According to redditors on The Silph Road, players originally finding Zangoose are now catching Seviper, and vice versa. There has been no official word from Niantic on the swap, so players have been left to speculate as to the change on their own.

A short while after the first discoveries of North American Sevipers, it was found that some Zangoose remained yet. However, at the time of this writing, it would seem that these stragglers have disappeared. Speculation is that these Zangoose were holdovers from before the rotation, disappearing as their spawn timers winked out.

The speculated new regions of the two rivals.

It is likely that Zangoose and Seviper will rotate back at some point. The sudden rotation is perhaps a nod to the creatures’ feud for territory—a back-and-forth conflict. If one lives in these regions, it would be best to catch the new Pokemon soon probably.

The region-swapping is a nice means for Pokemon GO to spread access to some of its more exclusive Pokemon. And some are quite exclusive, as is the case with Relicanth.

Perhaps Relicanth can swap with Heracross for a while… We get enough of those here.

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