Sony Expects a Vast Increase in Playstation VR Titles This Year

Number to nearly double in 2018

When it comes to VR, the holdout of some is the lack of available titles. Virtual reality, as a system still in the works, yet has only fledgling triple-A support. It was only across these past two months that Bethesda re-released some of its big titles as VR experiences. In total, Playstation VR only has about 150 titles available for play. It is a number well below even the Nintendo Switch, which has nearly 600 titles upcoming or available, despite only coming out this past March.

This is something Sony is hoping to remedy.

A screenshot from PSVR title The American Dream.

In a statement made to Nikkei, Sony Interactive Entertainment said that it expects the current lineup of Playstation VR titles to increase dramatically this year. By the end of this year, the company expects the number of titles to increase from 150 to 280 total.

There may be a number of reasons for this huge increase. As high-end developers like Bethesda get involved, it encourages further involvement on the part of other developers. But it most likely has to do with an announcement Sony made last month.

According to internal sales figures, Playstation has now sold well over 2 million of its VR headsets. Across these units, it has sold over 12.2 million copies of Playstation VR games.


The Playstation headset is expensive, but it isn’t too far beyond what the PS3 once sold for. As its life continues, the technology is bound to get less expensive, enabling more people to own VR systems. The creative development is there, it would seem, just not the numbers yet. The system, however, is continuing to move forward.

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