The Escapists 2 Comes to Switch Next Week

The indie prison escape game releases January 11

Most recently, The Escapists 2 released its holiday-themed prison, Santa’s Shakedown. But with the holidays over, The Escapists 2 has something new for the new year—the release of its Nintendo Switch port.


Team17’s prison game was revealed way back in Fall 2016 and released for most systems in 2017. The Nintendo Switch is set to join the list of ports very soon; this month even. On January 11, The Escapists 2 will premiere on the Nintendo eShop.

The Escapists 2 is the sequel to Team17’s The Escapists. The sequel gets a visual overhaul, further customization options and new ways to escape and play. Taking the advice of some players, the game has even added a more robust combat system.

At its core, the gameplay is an expanded take on the popular style of the original. And though all of its ports share the same content, there is something to be said for one over the other.


As opposed to the Steam version, the Switch port has the added benefit of single-game local co-op. As with most Switch games, players have the option to play with a single pair of Joy-Con, one per player. Unfortunately, anything beyond split screen requires online play, though this is available for up to four players.

Split screen play comes in both co-op and versus formats. Additionally, the single-player remains as robust as ever.

The Switch port releases less than a month after the announcement of its release date. For more information, see the Switch trailer below:

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