Rivals of Aether Coming to Switch and New DLC This Month

The indie game has big plans for 2018

2017 was a big year for Rivals of Aether. It came out of Early Access on Steam in March, released a version on Xbox One in August, and has released multiple new characters since then. But the updates haven’t stopped with 2017—this new year brings with it even bigger plans.


In a developer’s recap, game director Dan Fornace detailed some of his plans for the upcoming year. Alongside examining the events of 2017, he put forth the means of moving forward in 2018. 2017 was a successful year, but Rivals of Aether isn’t done yet.

For one, there are more DLC characters to come yet. Furthermore, the first of them is planned for release this month. We still have no idea who this might be, but a teaser image has surfaced.

It is likely that this next character will be released with the game’s first Alternate Skin, which is also set to release this month. There is no word yet on who the skin is for, but it is said to completely overhaul said character’s visuals.


If this wasn’t enough, the game’s following character is also currently being worked on, with a reveal set for February or March. Fans might remember this character as the one Fornace had a community poll for back in December. Based on the results of that poll, it should be a snake in some sort of mech or mechsuit.

There is also currently work being done on the game’s final guest character. Fornace has described the four current designs as all being “huge indie game characters.”

Finally, Rivals of Aether will also be releasing its ‘Definitive Edition’ sometime in Summer 2018. Beyond patches and improvements, the special edition will be a packaging of the base game and all of its characters.


The Definitive Edition is especially important in this news: Rivals of Aether coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

As it stands, this port won’t happen until the Definitive Edition is released, as Fornace says “that is the version we plan to bring to consoles.” Other systems may be on the way (such as Mac and Linux), but the Switch is described as a priority.

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