The Miiverse Lives On in a New Website

Much of the former Miiverse is now archived and preserved

We covered in November the shutting down of Miiverse by Nintendo. Though beloved by its community, its time had come, particularly with the advent of the Switch. But the shutdown hasn’t entirely destroyed its work, as some 17 terabytes of data have been saved.


Led by Twitter user Drastic Actions, a group of dedicated archivists have been saving Miiverse content since news of its impending shutdown. As described by its home page, Archive Team is a “loose collective” of archivists and programmers dedicated to “saving our digital heritage.” They take on projects from all the over the web and just recently finished their work with Miiverse.

Though they were unable to save everything, what they did manage to save is quite impressive.

Altogether, this amounts to 17 terabytes of data—the complete storage space of several laptops.

Everything saved has been posted on the new Archiverse website, run by Archive Team. If one is interested, a search function is available to assist in finding specific materials. Announcements as far back as 2012 have been saved, and moments of history like the development of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U can be relived.

If there is any art one might want to save, the site presents one last chance to do so. Our own hope is that Nintendo will reveal something similar to Miiverse for Switch in a Nintendo Direct this month.

Or an internet browser. That would be nice too.

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