Brawlout Releases for the Switch Today

It isn’t Smash Bros. but it’s something like it

Smash Bros. fans are waiting eagerly for any news about a potential new title or Smash 4 port for the Nintendo Switch. It is almost certain to come, but until then, another brawler hopes to hold us over—maybe even take its place alongside it.

Brawlout is a fighting game by indie developer Angry Mob Games. It’s notable for featuring a style similar to Smash Bros. and Rivals of Aether, where fighters brawl with the intention of throwing their opponent(s) offscreen.

Like Rivals of Aether; the other most recent comparison to Smash Bros.; Brawlout features a focused roster. Players can select from eight highly-specialized characters for play.

Brawlout is also notable for how it presents its own take on the Smash Bros. style. Where Smash Bros. always felt grounded, with a certain weight to its characters, Brawlout feels a little airy. The ground doesn’t feel quite as immediate and fighters are moving constantly. Brawlout removes blocking, as well as grabbing for most characters, the only exception with the latter being special grappling characters.

Brawlout has a number of unlockables in-game. Costumes can be purchased with in-game currency and Angry Mob Games is said to be adding DLC via updates. This includes minigames to help with the unlocking of costumes.


An additional cool feature of Brawlout is its two guest characters. In a number of indie fighters (e.g. Rivals of Aether), guest fighters appear from other indie games. Brawlout is no exception and it has some nice ones. Juan from Guacamelee and The Drifter from Hyper Light Drifter both make appearances in the fighting game.

Brawlout isn’t quite the massive title that Super Smash Bros. is. But it is a focused experience worth checking out at least. And for Switch brawlers, it just might be something to hold one over until Nintendo’s next title.

Brawlout is also available for PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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