ARMS 5.0 to Introduce New Character Before End of 2017

Is this the missing link of the ARMS story?

Update: Earlier today, this was the only video that existed of the ARMS 5.0 Update trailer. Since then, Nintendo UK has posted the video on their Twitter page.

Though not officially released just yet, a new video has surfaced confirming another character for Nintendo’s ARMS. The new fighter is to come with Update 5.0, which is to be released before the end of this year.

At this moment, footage of the character is only found in one of YouTube channel GameXplain’s latest videos. GameXplain claims the video premiered at the ARMS Japan Grand Prix 2017 yesterday. Presumably, one could find it, if one has the time to sort through the hours-long archive of the event. But GameXplain is a reliable source and the video appears legitimate.

The character in question would seem to be a female villain for the roster. The music that plays in her trailer is certainly ominous, and by the look of her, she has some connection to Hedlok.


Our guess is she has some affiliation with the mysterious ARMS Lab and may even be the creator of Hedlok and Springtron. She might even be related to Springman, considering the similar hair, but this is just conjecture, of course.

What we can see is that the new character has an apparent ability to float, teleport and summon a third arm to attack with.

Floating might be the general resting state of this character as we don’t see her walk at all. But even that seems secondary to her ability to teleport. After a short delay, it would seem she has the ability to instantly appear a short distance away. It looks like a great ability to surprise opponents with, though we’re sure it has its drawbacks.


Finally, our female fighter has the ability to create a third arm, likely after a charge. It shows up only briefly in the trailer, but is clearly distinct. Alongside the capability of one of her ARMs to replicate something like Hedlok’s special burst move, it looks to be quite strong.

ARMS 5.0 should also introduce a new stage. As seen in the video, it looks to be some sort of high-tech training room or chemical factory. It includes a conveyor belt and interactive punching bags.

Keep your eyes peeled for this latest character, who should appear in ARMS 5.0 before the end of this year. Our guess is she will play an important role in the Story Mode, connecting some of the dots of missing pieces.

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