What to Look Forward to From the Disney-Fox Deal

Some possibilities opened by Disney’s latest acquisition

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the deal between Disney and 21st Century Fox went through. For $52.4 billion in stock, Disney acquired 21st Century Fox and most of its properties.

The deal opens up a world of possibilities for Disney, especially as far as its current franchises are concerned. Here are some things fans might like to see in the future.

Kingdom Hearts and The Simpsons


With Kingdom Hearts 3 on the way in 2018, fans are already speculating what worlds might appear. And with the recent deal made, several more options just opened up. While an Avatar world might be interesting, we think The Simpsons could be the most entertaining.

What characters would make better summons than Patty and Selma, or Moe and Chief Wiggins? And of course, Mr. Burns is practically a Heartless already. Though most of all, we like the idea of Marge becoming a Disney Princess.

Maybe the Simpsons can become Sora’s adoptive family.

A Big Disney Streaming Service


It has been announced that Disney will be removing its movies from Netflix’s streaming service at the end of 2019. Though this might be sad news for owners of Netflix, it is also to make way for one of Disney’s new plans. Around this time, Disney is likely to launch its own streaming service; a compilation of all things Disney and Disney-owned.

Though needing to subscribe to another service might be frustrating, it could be worth it if Disney doesn’t follow the Netflix policy of only having certain shows up at a time. The ability to watch any Marvel movie or Disney animated feature whenever should be enough to convince any decent number of customers to switch over.

From the Fox deal, Disney now owns a majority stock of Hulu as well. Though it has been said Hulu is unlikely to change, it could provide support for Disney’s upcoming service.

The Return of the X-Men


As far as the merging of IPs go, Disney acquisition of the X-Men movie rights is one of the most exciting. Prior to the deal, fans were beginning to lose hope that they might see a partnership between the mutant team and the Avengers, or Wolverine’s return to Marvel vs. Capcom. Now, however, there is a real possibility for these things.

The deal is great news for the Marvel movie franchise, which is now much more likely to extend beyond 2020. More than just the X-Men, this includes the Fantastic Four and Deadpool as well.

A Spider-Man and Deadpool movie is probably what we want more than anything, to be honest.

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