Four New BlazBlue Characters Confirmed for Cross Tag Battle

Arc System Works has revealed even more characters yet again for the crossover 2D fighter BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle — this time focusing on the BlazBlue series exclusively.

The character introduction trailer was featured as part of a livestream conducted by the developers early this morning. While every video of this kind so far has confirmed roster additions from varying series, this is the first to pull entirely from one. The four BlazBlue fighters chosen are IP veterans Iron Tager, Nu-13, Makoto Nanaya — as well as a more recent addition, Es.

The most recent trailer before this was published last month, revealing Yukiko, Gordeau, and Azrael. So far, these introductions have been spaced out no more than a month at a time, implying that the next one should come sometime in January. To add, the teaser tag line this time around states “See you early 2018” — also pointing towards January.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is still expected to launch sometime in 2018, although no release window has been given quite yet. The tag-style battler will be released on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. 

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