Christmas Summoning Focus Coming to Fire Emblem Heroes

Nintendo’s mobile hit Fire Emblem Heroes is ringing in the holiday with new Christmas versions of units to summon — as well as appropriately themed paralogue maps.

The seasonal event was confirmed late last night out of the official Twitter account for Fire Emblem Heroes in Japan. Heroes receiving special themed costumes this time around are Chrom, Lissa, Robin, and Tharja — all from Fire Emblem Awakening. As per usual with any new character additions to the free-to-play game, gameplay footage of each character was briefly shown, including new skills and paralogue maps.

Interestingly enough, the versions of both Robin and Tharja for this event have been seen before. Shortly after the mobile title’s original launch in February, data mined images matching those of the two characters in question were found — potentially hinting that the game was intended to be completed sooner in time for holiday 2016.

While the themed paralogue maps will be permanent, the summoning focus within Fire Emblem Heroes will only be available from December 18 until January 1.

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