Gang Beasts Launches for PS4, Leaves Early Access on Steam

After years of development, indie brawler is released

Developer Boneloaf’s hilarious brawler Gang Beasts has finally made it to its long-awaited release. The game debuted Tuesday for the PS4 and it left Early Access on Steam on the same day.

The game has come a long way since its humble beginnings on Steam. It went through several overhauls in its lifecycle, with even Version 1.0 being drastically different from its predecessor. Gone are the days when simple clay men fought in non-descript boxing rings. The current iteration of Gang Beasts introduces a lot of color, with plenty of zany costumes to wear and customize.


Between someone who might have, say, played the game three months ago and someone playing now, what changes are most notable are the new game modes and stages.

Waves Mode represents a mode that was in the works for some time, a cooperative mode that pits players against AI hordes. Football Mode, however, is entirely new, and sees players compete in a Gang Beasts take on football (soccer, Americans).


Otherwise, certain stages have been updated slightly and there is now a ‘rooftop’ stage available for multiplayer.

Gang Beasts has changed a lot since its beginnings. We will have a review of the full version up soon.

Crawl is releasing for the Nintendo Switch next week, and Ultimate Chicken Horse is slated to next year. Perhaps Gang Beasts might join them?

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