Dragon Ball FighterZ To Add Goku Black, Hit and Beerus

A trio of powerful adversaries

Dragon Ball FighterZ just had one of its more exciting reveals today, as three of its most powerful characters were confirmed. Fan favorites Goku Black, Hit and Beerus all will find a place in the fighting game’s roster come release.


The reveal came today with scans of the latest issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump. Thanks to translations done by Gematsu, we have an especially large amount of information to detail the appearance of these characters. And they all seem particularly powerful.

Beerus can summon spheres that explode when an enemy gets too close. The spheres can be placed at-will, and they look to be a great move for zoning. His Meteor Attack, ‘God of Destruction’s Judgment’, activates upon a grab and sends the opponent flying.

Hit, of course, retains his Timeskip ability. This enables him to stop time and counter attacks delivered at him while standing. His Meteor Attack, ‘Timeskip/Molotov’, allows him to stop time and deliver blows unimpeded. When time resumes, the opponent takes all the damage delivered.

Finally, Goku Black appears as the focus of the scans. Goku Black will have Zamasu tag-team certain attacks and scenes. For instance, Zamasu will restrain the opponent when Goku Black fires off a Kamehameha. His Meteor Attack, ‘Work of the Gods’, creates several clones and sees Goku Black launch a significant amount of strikes with his scythe.


In addition to the character reveals, the scans tell us of dramatic cutscenes to be included with fights. When certain actions are performed, they will trigger a cutscene from the anime or summon a brief still from the manga. An example given is when Beerus uses his Meteor Attack on Goku Black.

The inclusion of this latest trio in Dragon Ball FighterZ will likely make a lot of fans happy. All three are quite popular, and it is nice to see some powerful villains beyond Buu.

Dragon Ball FighterZ releases for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on January 26, 2018.

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