All Season 3 DLC Characters Revealed For Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The fight goes on: CAPCOM has confirmed the identities of the six DLC characters coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s third season of play — including fan favorites Sakura, Blanka, Cody, and Sagat.

The announcements were made in a duo of trailers to cap off the finals of the CAPCOM Cup Street Fighter V tournament. Although the first trailer only focused on returning character Sakura and her gameplay, the second showcases the opening cinematic for the upcoming Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V

Diverging from their strategies for the past two seasons, CAPCOM instead decided to show off all of the new/returning faces in this footage — instead of simply teasing with silhouette portraits. In addition to the four familiar faces mentioned above, entirely new characters Falke and G will be making their debut in the Arcade Edition.

Outlined in a developer blog post, Sakura and the Season 3 Character Pass will be available when the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches for PlayStation 4 on January 16. The pass will sell at $29.99 MSRP and if purchased before January 31, will include nine additional costumes for characters already on the roster. 

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