‘Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle’ Adds Versus Mode

New mode made available as free DLC

The next big thing for Mario + Rabbids is still its final planned DLC, said to release in early 2018. But before this, Ubisoft decided to give its players an additional little bonus—a local Versus mode.

Versus mode launches today, allowing two players to face off in 3-vs-3 battles. Prior to the match, players pick three characters, mixing and matching as they please. Two players can pick the same characters and it can even be an all-Mushroom Kingdom team. However, these won’t be the same characters you built in the campaign.

As Ubisoft explains it, players will choose specific skill loadouts for their characters—either the “solid all-around starter loadouts” or “one of 16 unlockable variants.” The variants will be specific to each character, such as a Mario build that focuses on stomping enemies.

Of course, arenas include a selection of maps from across the game’s four areas. However, these arenas include a special twist with the optional item boxes scattered about. Picking these up grants players with one of a number of power-ups, such as an attack buff or an extra action. That extra action is especially useful, as in Versus mode, each player is limited to three actions—total, between all characters—each turn.


Matches are meant to be quick, so timers and turn limits are included as optional rules. Additionally, there is the Showtime option to speed things up, which kicks in towards the end of a match. Showtime is an arena-wide effect that replaces regular item boxes with super items, additionally opening up new means of getting around the map. It keeps things interesting in the final stages and it could allow for some stellar comebacks.

Versus mode was released today, as a free download for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. For more on the game, check out our review of the joint Ubisoft/Nintendo title.

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