Ultimate Chicken Horse Coming to Consoles with Loads of New Content

Elephantastic Update to launch in six days

We learned many months ago that Ultimate Chicken Horse was coming to consoles. Now, in addition to the coming ports, we have news of a large update.

As can be seen in the video, the Elephantastic Update adds a wealth of new content to the indie platformer. This includes multiple new stages, more items and obstacles, new costumes and the long-awaited Challenge Mode. It even adds a cute purple elephant, as per the namesake.

The new blocks include fans, two moving platforms, as well as a robot that tosses ridable paper airplanes. The wrecking ball is bound to be a popular hazard certainly.

But what are new hazards without new stages? The update adds two stages to Ultimate Chicken Horse; an Indiana Jones-style temple and some form of volcano. Though it is possible that the temple is only available as part of Challenge Mode.

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The Elephantastic Update launches the same day as the PS4 port of Ultimate Chicken Horse. Both are scheduled for release on December 12, 2017, with the content available for PC as a free update. Furthermore, the PS4 and PC versions will be compatible in terms of cross-play, meaning users of different systems can experience the update together.

Ultimate Chicken Horse still has planned releases for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. The Xbox One date is uncertain, though it is likely to arrive the same day as the Switch. Though planned for December, the Switch release was kicked back just yesterday.

Both can likely be expected for early next year.

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