Breath of the Wild Unleashes New Champions’ Ballad DLC

Link gets a motorcycle and the Champions return

The 2017 Game Awards are happening as I am writing this. But I had to take time out of my night to write this, because it is big news. Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s latest DLC was just announced and summarily released tonight.

The Champions’ Ballad is the second DLC pack promised for Breath of the Wild. It’s available with the same expansion pass that unlocked The Master Trials, though it adds much more content.

Primarily, The Champions’ Ballad is significant for its new story content. Though we don’t know exactly what it entails just yet, it is evidently focused on the lives of the four Champions, pilots of the Divine Beasts.

In the trailer, we see Link apparently summon their spirits from some form of weapon or totem. Subsequent flashbacks reveal the Champions in new scenes—as playable memories or as something similar to what we we’ve seen before? We don’t know the extent of it just yet. But Zelda appears to play some separate role too. Perhaps, after her rescue, she can join us in our adventures somehow.

But there’s plenty still beyond the story content. New costumes can be seen in the trailer—the head of Zant from Twilight Princess, Ravio’s hat from A Link Between Worlds, and even Ganon’s outfit. There also appears to be some means of summoning a horse, but we aren’t as excited about that anymore. Given that Link now has a motorcycle.


We can’t think of anything better than tearing up Hyrule with this baby.

The new DLC is available immediately; as in right now. We haven’t had any time to try it just went, but you can bet we’ll have more news soon. As well as a recap of the Game Awards.

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