Pokemon GO Introducing Weather and Gen III Pokemon This Week

Weather to play an important role in capturing Pokemon

Pokemon GO, Niantic’s Pokemon ARG, has taken a step further towards immersion. Alongside the much-anticipated Gen III release, Pokemon GO has promised real-world weather patterns appearing in-game.

The announcement came today on the official Pokemon GO site. The new video catalogues the coming update, though it doesn’t yet have a release date beyond “later this week.”  Though the uncertain release date is a little bit of a tease, fans should be excited by some of the sneak peeks of what is to come.

Images confirm that weather patterns will appear in six forms in Pokemon GO. This includes sunny, rainy, snowy, foggy, partly cloudy and windy. Each form of weather has its own unique visuals, but perhaps more exciting is the effect it will have in-game.

Depending on the weather, certain Pokemon will become more available. The original post gives the example of Mudkip, which has stronger odds of appearing on a rainy day. Naturally, Mudkip will still be available on sunny days too. But if one is serious about catching water Pokemon, one might have to brave the rain.

Additionally, weather will affect Pokemon battles. Certain types of attacks will be more powerful during certain types of weather. For instance, Charizard’s Flamethrower move will be strongest on sunny days.

As promised, Gen III will also be appearing this week. However, it might not be all of Gen III, as only the starters and “several more Pokemon” are referenced. It may be that the rest will be released in small portions, perhaps similar to the ghost Pokemon debuted on Halloween.

The video above shows off Groudon, but it isn’t likely he’ll appear until another big, sponsored event.

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