GLaDOS Returns in Bridge Constructor Portal

The new game is even coming to Switch

After many years, we have a new Portal title. Bridge Constructor Portal introduces the “vehicle-based test chambers” of Aperture Science.

Yes, it isn’t quite the Portal we know; not in the sense of the original title and Portal 2. Bridge Constructor Portal, after all, is only a team-up between the two series of its namesake. But the new game does prove that Aperture Science is still functioning in some form.

For those unfamiliar with the base title, Bridge Constructor is a series whose premise relies on building a bridge between two points. A vehicle needs to cross this bridge from one point to another and usually there are obstacles between.

In the case of Bridge Constructor Portal, portals will be involved, as well as the gels from Portal 2. Perhaps turrets and companion cubes will appear as well. Though we aren’t sure about Bridge Constructor, we do love the Aperture aesthetic.


Bridge Constructor Portal will be released on December 20, 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux, as well as mobile devices. Additionally, Bridge Constructor will have PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch releases in early 2018.

Hopefully Portal 3 is on its way too.

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