Fire Emblem Warriors’ Fates DLC Pack Coming Dec. 21

The first DLC pack scheduled for Fire Emblem Warriors — centering on characters from Fire Emblem Fates — will be made available as early as December 21. 

The information was revealed early this morning alongside some new images and information in a preview for the latest copy of Japanese publication Famitsu. This gives Warriors fans their first look at DLC coming to the game in the form of three new characters, a history mode map, new alternate costumes, and Armor Break variations of certain heroes. 

This marks the first time that Azura has been seen in-game since her inclusion was confirmed just before the game’s initial release. She can be seen alongside new artwork for the other two characters joining the roster later this month, Oboro and Niles. In addition, the five new outfits coming to the title are debuted — including Azura’s black dress, Maid Camilla, Butler Takumi, Hoshido Noble Female Corrin, and Nohr Noble Male Corrin. 

Although we have yet to see footage of how these new characters or costumes will look in action, it is likely that a trailer of some sort will be put out over the next week or so. Fire Emblem Warriors initially released on both Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20. For more information on DLC plans and pricing, check out our previous article here

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