Twitch Streamer ‘Plays’ UFC Fight to Avoid Copyright Infringement

Wow. Nice graphics, EA.

The legal world can be a tough realm to have to navigate. Sometimes, a loophole requires a truly creative solution, one bordering on crazy even. Like pretending to play a UFC fight to avoid copyright infringement.

Twitch has some pretty strict rules when it comes to streaming live events. In the case of pay-per-view shows like UFC 218, it is most certainly not allowed. Which makes Lester_Gaming’s (aka A.J. Lester) solution all the more mind-boggling.

As can be seen in the video above, the streamer seems to get away with hosting the show by pretending he is actually playing a fighting game. Granted, the realism of an actual fight is a little beyond any current UFC videogame, but Lester does a good job faking. He murmurs exclamations with the fighters’ reactions, dodging and pressing buttons as the fighters move about the arena.

Apparently, Lester was convincing enough to avoid any legal repercussions—so far. By now, this story is blowing up across the internet, and it is not likely to go unnoticed by the higher-ups of Twitch. Though Lester has taken efforts to cover his tracks, it is likely only a matter of time before the hammer comes down.

We have to hand it to him for his effort though; it seems impossible that this could work. He just might not be able to try it again in the future now.

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