Mega Man 11 Announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Blue Bomber fans rejoice: Mega Man 11 has finally been announced for all current gen consoles, coming in late 2018 with new 2.5D graphics.

The long-awaited confirmation came as the blockbuster news during today’s Mega Man 30th Anniversary Celebration livestream. The first footage of the 11th installment of the original classic series was shown at the tail-end of an accolades and series recap trailer. In addition, more concept art and developer insight was shared during the stream.

While the prospect of a new Mega Man title has been clammored for over the last seven years, many were hoping that the series would finally make the jump to current-gen visuals instead of staying with the retro style. Today, CAPCOM confirmed that the newest title (and presumably any thereafter) will feature a popular “2.5D” art style that many classics series have adopted now days. The trailer also gives us a taste of the OST — which has certainly been a highlight for the Mega Man series over its history. 

More details will be shared as they are released. As stated, Mega Man 11 is planned for release on all current gen consoles in late 2018. It has been confirmed that more information and footage would be provided closer to Summer 2018. A recording of the entire celebratory livestream can be viewed here

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