Four More Exciting ‘Kobolds and Catacombs’ Cards

My favorites from Week 2

Last week, we covered four of the most exciting cards from Week 1 of the Kobolds and Catacombs card reveals. And now, with Week 2 having just wrapped up, we have four more cards to get those new decks rolling. Here are the cards from Week 2 that I am most excited for.

1. Lynessa Sunsorrow


Man, Paladin gets all the good legendaries. Heck, this one might even make the quest viable finally. Maybe. But this card works great even in Paladin decks that simply run two Spikeridged Steeds for buffs.

Lynessa Sunsorrow is a card that allows Midrange Paladin to run buffs as more consistent cards. There’s less of a fear of dropping that Blessing of Kings on the wrong minion. Because if that first buffed minion is silenced, well, it’s sure to return in Lynessa Sunsorrow.

Sure, like any buffed card Lynessa is vulnerable to silence. But a good Lynessa is predicated on other cards having been buffed before it; cards which likely would have warranted that same silence earlier. And considering the fact that Lynessa is likely to run alongside Tirion Fordring, most decks are going to have a tough time negating her. We’ll see how good Paladin is in Kobolds and Catacombs, but this card is great for almost any Paladin deck.

2. Dragon’s Fury


Until this card appeared, I wasn’t sure Big-Spell Mage could be a thing. Mage runs such a variety of cards, with so many great spells under five mana, that it didn’t seem likely. Removing early removal like Frostbolt and survivability cards like Ice Block requires some pretty strong swing cards in their place. Dragon’s Fury might be that card.

Pulling Flamestrike on a Dragon’s Fury is even better than the classic board clear of Mages. Seven damage kills most minions, and with five mana left on a ten-mana turn, you have enough left over to deal with any minions that might survive. Obviously, big spells are best for Dragon’s Fury, with a Pyroblast being the absolute best. But Dragon’s Fury is good even dealing three damage to all minions, where it functions like an old-school Excavated Evil.

Most of all, I’m excited for the new synergy this card has. Dragon’s Fury works great with both the new Deck of Wonders and the Mage legendary of the set. Putting all of these things together is bound to be exciting.

3. Unstable Evolution


Ever run into that situation where you Evolve a board only to turn one of your one-drops into a Doomsayer? Well, with Kobolds and Catacombs, that doesn’t need to happen anymore.

Unstable Evolution is great in that it allows one to pick-and-choose one’s Evolve targets, to an extent. If one is happy with one minion’s current state, one need not evolve it to upgrade the others. Unstable Evolution means a turn with Doppelgangster could include an eight-drop alongside the two customary six-drops. Unstable Evolution literally lets one take a zero-mana minion all the way to ten-mana, in one turn. And if one happens to get a Ragnaros along the way, it’s possible even just to stop there.

This card is likely to be a staple for any Evolve Shaman decks.

4. Lesser Amethyst Spellstone


This card is easily the best of the Spellstones. And it even works fantastic with some of the new Warlock cards revealed thus far, which are themselves great cards. With the new cards, it should be easy to get this Spellstone to its final form. And as a four-mana spell that deals seven damage and heals for seven, it’s pretty insane.

This card could function as a replacement for Soul Siphon, or even as something to run alongside. It allows for some awesome survivability potential, and its final form alone could be enough to turn the tide of a losing game.

Warlock has received some great cards and it is likely to be one of the more successful classes next season. And if Warlock is played, you can bet this will be played with it.


That’s it for Week 2! A Week 3 reveal would be coming, but Blizzard has already cut those plans short. Kobolds and Catacombs releases this Thursday (December 7), and there will instead be a reveal for the remaining cards today.

Tune in today at 11am PST on the official Hearthstone Twitch channel for a wrap-up of the card reveal season. With Ben Brode hosting, perhaps it will be an actual rap-up.

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