Hearthstone Hosts Final ‘Kobolds and Catacombs’ Livestream

All 135 cards now revealed

The reveal season is over and Kobolds and Catacombs now preps for release. Today, at 11am PST, Hearthstone hosted its final pre-release livestream for its new expansion. The event marked the unveiling of the expansion’s remaining unknown cards, as well as the first full Dungeon Run.


Streamer/commentator Sean Plott (Day9) and game director Ben Brode hosted the final event for Kobolds and Catacombs. To begin, the livestream saw Plott play with a number of new deck recipes for constructed. In combination with Plott’s opponent, a new deck was showcased for each class (except Priest).

The new decks showcased some of the new strategies Blizzard is looking to push with this expansion, along with a few surprises as far as cards. ‘To My Side’ Hunter was the first played, and though the card might have been about as good as everyone expected, the deck was revealed to have the support of the Hunter legendary weapon.

Rhok’delar supports the ‘no minion’ strategy, though it is not likely to be enough to push the archetype this expansion.


The main highlight, however, was likely the new legendary revealed with the Rogue deck.

‘The Darkness’ is a minion similar to The Ancient One, a huge body unlocked by completing a specific task. When first played, The Darkness goes dormant, but its Battlecry shuffles three candles into the opponent’s deck. When drawn, these candles draw another card, and when all three candles are drawn, The Darkness becomes an active 20/20 minion.


As a neutral legendary, this card is playable in all decks. Though Rogue is a nice choice, it might work well in a mill deck of any variation.

After these matches, Brode and Plott went on to play the Dungeon Run mode. It was the first full televised instance of the new mode, and the duo went far both times. However, even despite having three Sunkeeper Tarims one run, the team lost in both instances.

King Togwaggle is only one of the bosses, but we don’t recommend running into him. He has a full 70 health, and his hero power generates the treasures found throughout the Dungeon Run. With King Togwaggle as an example, the mode looks to be quite difficult.


Kobolds and Catacombs releases this Thursday, December 7. All packs will be openable then and the Dungeon Run will be accessible as well. The option to pre-order packs (50 for $49.99) will conclude December 6.

For more information, watch the stream in full here. And maybe check out our most recent feature article, profiling some of the newly released cards.

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