‘Batman Ninja’ is Batman Meets Anime

The Dark Knight visits feudal Japan

It isn’t the first anime appearance for Batman. But holy katana, Batman, does the latest anime movie look good.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. released its first trailer for the upcoming movie Batman Ninja. Directed by Jumpei Mizusaki and featuring the design work of Takashi Okazaki, Batman Ninja has some pretty solid credits. Among the names listed, the film features creators who have worked on big productions like JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Afro Samurai and Psycho-Pass.

The premise of Batman Ninja focuses on a showdown between Batman and the Joker. When an “unexpected chemical reaction” transports the two back in time, Batman must stop his nemesis in feudal Japan. Now a samurai lord, the Joker threatens to change the course of history forever.

But Batman and Joker aren’t the only characters to appear in Batman Ninja. Catwoman, Robin, Gorilla Grodd, Alfred, Two-Face, the Penguin and more are seen to appear in the trailer and other promotional pieces. It is likely that the other villain characters are working with the Joker. Around 0:30 in the video, we may even see what appears to be a time machine, sign of a larger conspiracy perhaps.


The Batman mystique fits in well in with the Sengoku Japan setting. Batman Ninja itself references the history of our hero, who in some canons (such as Christoper Nolan’s movies) has training as a ninja.

The project was first announced this past October, at New York Comic Con, but it has apparently been in production for years. The work certainly shows, and we’re beyond excited for the final product.

Batman Ninja is looking at a 2018 release currently. This is likely to be exclusive to Japanese theaters, but that doesn’t mean other countries won’t be able to find it via a streaming service.

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