Mega Man 30th Anniversary Livestream Set for December 4

Could this be it? CAPCOM has revealed that a special livestream to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Mega Man series is set for December 4 at 11 AM PST — with some hints in tow.

The announcement was first known yesterday when make-shift party invites had surfaced advertising the livestream, and was later confirmed by CAPCOM on their official developer blog. The stream will be viewable on CAPCOM’s official Twitch channel, which the link has been provided to in the tweet above. 

While nothing may stand out too clearly at first, avid fans of the Blue Bomber and game sleuths have found what could be some interesting hints within the invitation itself. On top of CAPCOM stating that fans “won’t want to miss it”, it has been pointed out that there are exactly 11 icing drops on the top of the cake seen in the promotional materials — as well as the fact that the stream itself is being held at 11 AM PST. This has led some to believe that a Mega Man 11 announcement could be imminent, and that the Bomber’s long-time hiatus may finally be coming to an end. 

Worth noting as well, the Nintendo of America Twitter account has also retweeted CAPCOM’s tweet in regards to the stream, potentially pointing to a Nintendo involvement of some kind. Mega Man 10 was released in March 2010, making it almost eight long years since the previous installment. 

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