Dragon Ball FighterZ: Kid Buu Gets a New Trailer

“Me Buu, kill you!”

It would seem Dragon Ball FighterZ still has plenty of trailers to get through yet. Today, another was released, though this one might pique one’s interest.

In a crazy video befitting of the character, Kid Buu has been revealed for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The video does not reveal much in the way of how he might be played, but he reminds one of Venom from Marvel vs. Capcom. Just… smaller, and with more purple explosions.

Kid Buu looks to be one of the more wild and unpredictable characters on the roster. As seen in the (albeit short) video, Kid Buu has the ability to strike fighters from afar by stretching out his limbs, or even to turn them into what looks like a ball of candy. Everything fighting game has one, and Kid Buu looks to be the wild card of FighterZ.


Dragon Ball FighterZ releases next month, though we’re still waiting on some important details. Such as which characters will be available in its eight-character season pass.

Look for Dragon Ball FighterZ on January 26, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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