Springtron Sneaks into ARMS 4.1 Update

The ‘Robo Spring Man’ is now playable

When Misango was released in ARMS Version 4.0, it was after several weeks of teasers and speculation. Something like the final Misango was expected well before his release. Which is why it is strange that the latest character of ARMS, Springtron, should appear so suddenly.


Springtron appeared today in the latest update of ARMS, Version 4.1, an update featuring mostly balance changes. Without much in the way of fanfare, Springtron is now a unique playable character, taking his place at the end of the roster.

The new fighter is quite similar to his human inspiration, Spring Man, which may be the reason for his quiet addition to the game. In fact, between them, the two characters share the same ARMs, using those of Spring Man.

But despite the similarities, Springtron isn’t exactly Spring Man. For one, after he drops to 25% health, his arms are not permanently charged like Spring Man’s. And the fighter also has a unique ‘shockwave’ ability, activated by charging for three seconds. This ability blocks all incoming attacks, disabling enemy ARMs caught in its radius. Springtron will then become charged for 10 seconds after or until knocked down.


Using Springtron in the Grand Prix reveals that he has some connection to ARMS Labs; the same lab responsible for Hedlok. Readers may remember that Springtron appeared as a boss before he appeared as a fighter, entering in the semifinals at Level 4 or higher if one has not lost a single round unto that point.

It is unclear what role the robot fighter might play in the ARMS universe, but completion of the Grand Prix only yields more questions. In the post credits image, a feminine hand can be seen holding a tattered graphic of Springtron.

Perhaps the reveal of a new character or antagonist?

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