Yes, Super Mario Cereal is Real — and it’s an Amiibo

To cap off one of the strangest rumor cycles to date, Kellogg’s representatives in the U.K. have confirmed the existence of a Super Mario themed breakfast cereal coming to North America — which also doubles as an Amiibo. 

The information was confirmed this morning by the verified account of the cereal manufacturer. While not 100% clarified, it would appear that North America may be the only region receiving the special crossover merchandise — but that may change with enough fan demand over time. 

The grapevine on this cereal saga first began a couple days ago when news tips about its existence — along with an image of the front of the box — were sent to news outlets. While first doubted, the “leak’s” credibility gained more traction after being located in retail company Target’s inventory system just yesterday. 

Touching on Amiibo functionality, it seems that the bottom of the box will act as the data point for scanning — similar to a typical Amiibo. At this time, it looks like the box will only have comparability with Super Mario Odyssey, and to what degree is still unknown. 

That is to say, that’s only so far as the box itself tells us. A user by the name of Ziiigg was quick to take to Reddit this morning to show off that they have the cereal in their possession already, posting an image of the back of the box. 

On top of featuring some fun artwork and an activity, the back of the packaging explains that it can be used to “unlock special content” that will “power up” an individual’s Super Mario Odyssey adventure. Whether this is to be taken literally as simply granting the player power ups is yet to be seen, but it is likely that the advantages would be relatively small, seeing as how this is currently a North American region exclusive release. 

Although precise release date has been confirmed for this cereal to hit store shelves, “soon” would be rather safe bet based on the inventory listing and snapshots. In addition, no pricing has yet been discussed, but the cost is similar to other known cereals, this may be the cheapest Amiibo launched to date. 

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