Pocket Camp Launches Holiday Event Tomorrow

Look for festive costumes, decorations and more

Thanksgiving might have been less than a week ago, but the winter holiday festivities are beginning already. And Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is looking to start them.


Pocket Camp kicked off the day by giving its players some exclusive gear. Available only for Android users, players who log in today will receive the Rainbow gear. This includes the Rainbow Cap and two similar t-shirts, with one featuring Isabelle and the other K.K. Slider.

But today’s gift is merely the precursor to the actual holiday event, which starts tomorrow. Fans of Animal Crossing may remember Toy Day fondly.

As covered in the official post, the holiday event begins tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. (PST). This day might also mark the changing of the seasons for all campsites, as autumn leaves are covered by a more festive snow. What better way to show off our snowmen?

Though how players are to gather fruit when the trees are covered in ice and snow is a mystery.

Look for holiday decorations in Pocket Camp tomorrow. There is likely to be more free items, along with perhaps a new villager or two.

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