‘Crawl’ Creeps Onto Nintendo Switch this December

Sometimes big things sneak up on you

A few weeks ago, we covered Crawl’s upcoming move onto the Nintendo Switch. Well, that day will soon be upon us now.

Pictured: our usual Switch interactions

This morning, developer Powerhoof made the announcement that Crawl’s Switch release can be expected December 19. That day is a mere three weeks from now, making this new port a rather quick timetable. But as a four-player indie title, Crawl is bound to fit in well with the Switch’s current eShop lineup. The four-player slot still does not have much in the way of entries yet.

For those unfamiliar with Crawl, it is a four-player versus dungeon crawler. One player controls the hero and the others control the monsters and traps to kill them, upon which someone else becomes the hero. Until someone else kills them off.

Crawl will be available upon launch for $14.99 on the Nintendo eShop. There is no word yet on a physical release for the title. Previously, Crawl was released on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, with its full version launching in April 2017.

If you are unsure about Crawl, we wrote a review of the PC version back in July. You can check that out over here! In the meantime, we have included the launch trailer below.

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