Update: Demon’s Souls to Cancel Online Services Worldwide

The first ‘Souls’ is leaving soon

If you have not played Demon’s Souls yet, you might want to soon. Come February, its online services will be canceled worldwide.

UPDATE: This article originally posted that online services would be ending only in Japan. In a recent post, the official Dark Souls Twitter page confirmed the shutdown would be worldwide.


The announcement was initially made today by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Japan/Asia branch. The player base has dwindled significantly, and after so long since its beginning, it is the eventual conclusion.

Online services for Demon’s Souls will end on February 28, 2018. This marks a little over nine years since the game’s initial February 9, 2009 release date.

To be clear, this does not mean the game will not be playable. A solo playthrough is still possible. Specifically, these are the primary features that will be lost:

  • Online co-op
  • Player invasions
  • Bloodstains
  • Soapstone messages

Atlus, which manages the online for the game in North America and Europe, will also be shutting down its services. Anyone looking to play the game online yet will have to do so within the next three months.

Best to prepare, fans. The original Dark Souls is bound to be next.


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