Pokemon GO Players Catch 3 Billion Pokemon (In One Week)

Better start walking if you want Farfetch’d

Though it does not have the numbers it used to, Pokemon GO would still seem to have plenty of an audience. Recently, players of the mobile game caught over 3 billion Pokemon–in one week.

The news came yesterday from the official Pokemon GO Twitter page, where it released this video. The recent marker is the culmination of a challenge Niantic issued to its players; to catch three billion Pokemon in one week.

The event began this past Monday and ends today. There were milestones along the way for 500 million and 1.5 billion catches, granting players some in-game loot. Having caught 3 billion, Niantic has also allowed Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan across borders, Pokemon originally available only in certain regions of the world.


This is great news for trainers looking to fill out their Pokedex. But one will have to act quick to catch them, as their expanded availability lasts only until Tuesday.

Of course, Farfetch’d and Kangaskhan are not the only region-locked Pokemon. Mr. Mime and Heracross are available only in Europe and Latin America or the Southern US, respectively. Perhaps another Global Catch Challenge will appear for these Pokemon. Given the success of this challenge, Niantic is certainly likely to try another in the future.

Previously, Pokemon GO celebrated its Halloween event, where it introduced the first Pokemon to appear from Gen III. We should be seeing more of these Pokemon soon, as it was previously announced that we could expect more as early as December.

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