Venom Returns to ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ in December

Everyone’s favorite symbiote returns for ‘Infinite’

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite just released the trailer for its last batch of DLC characters. As promised, the three-character lineup includes Winter Soldier, Black Widow… and Venom.


Back in September, we covered the announcement of Black Widow and Venom as DLC characters. This latest trailer, however, is the first time we have seen these characters in action. While Black Widow seems a little flip-happy, Venom would appear to be suitably morphic. His form in Infinite is most reminiscent of his classic Spider-Man appearance.

The only thing we currently dislike about Venom is his voice, and it would seem many fans agree. His voice actor seems to be channeling more of a nasally Green Goblin than a husky, alien Venom. Maybe have a listen for yourself if you don’t believe us.


Venom, Winter Soldier and Black Widow round out this year’s DLC for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. The 2017 Character Pass includes all three of these characters, along with Black Panther, Sigma and Monster Hunter, and their associated Premium Costumes.

Though nothing has been announced yet for 2018, the fact that there is a 2017 Character Pass suggests that more characters will be coming next year.

But for now, we suppose it is enough to be happy with Venom’s return. It’s the idyllic reunion we had always hoped for—well, as long as he doesn’t speak.

All three of the new characters will become available for purchase on December 5.


For more information, check out the new gameplay trailer below:

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