Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Launches Worldwide on November 22

Look for Pocket Camp very soon

After a quick month since reveal, Nintendo has confirmed that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp will be hitting both the iOS and Android digital marketplaces just two days from now.

The release information was confirmed late last night on both the Nintendo of America and official Animal Crossing Twitter accounts. With the game’s reveal coming just last month on October 24 during a short Animal Crossing focused Direct, fan anticipation has been sky high for the town/village/campsite simulator. Some were even excited enough to download the mobile title from Australian servers — seeing as how it was released early in that territory.

Confirmation of a November 22 release date also comes just three days after a website survey titled the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Friend Finder was launched. This allows fans of the series and prospective players to answer a few questions and be matched up with whoever would be their most compatible “neighbor” from the long running series.

Those who wish to get caught up on all of the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gameplay details and information can check out the mini-Direct above. Additional information is also available through the official game website.

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