A New Character is Coming to ‘Mario + Rabbids’

Who is the new hero?

Yesterday, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle released its Gold Edition. The special edition is basically the game packaged with its season pass and isn’t too special. But along with the release came some surprise news.

Mario + Rabbids will be getting a new character.

We have known for some time the DLC plans for Mario + Rabbids. A graphic was originally published to detail when each portion would release. At launch, the DLC weapons were made available. And this past month, new co-op challenges were released with the Ultra Pack.

The final portion was originally labeled only as “story content” and was slated for this winter. While the release date is likely to remain where it is, Gold Edition has given us some new information.

On its official online listing, Gold Edition lists as one of its features, “an exclusive world featuring a new hero, coming in early 2018.”

There have been no hints yet as to who this hero could be, or even that Ubisoft planned another character. The current roster totals eight and is numbered in pairs; a Mario character plus their Rabbid counterpart. A new hero; be it Rabbid or man; would also seem to require its parallel.

Ubisoft is sure to make an announcement soon and we will post an update as they do.

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