A Warning to Justice League Viewers

The reviews are in, and they aren’t so great

The DC movies have been a troubled series. On the good side, there are the Nolan Batman movies and the recent Wonder Woman. On the bad, there is Batman v. Superman and, well, pretty much anything Superman.

And Superman returns for Justice League.


This isn’t to say Henry Cavill is bad or that we hate Superman, but there does seem to be a correlation. Or maybe DC is simply lacking in consistency with its movies, because Justice League hasn’t scored too well either.

If you search ‘Justice League’ on the web, there’s one thing you’ll note missing—a Rotten Tomatoes score. Until rather recently (within the past 24 hours), there wasn’t even a score for the movie on the site. And though there is now, it doesn’t appear in the immediate search results. This may be a good thing for Justice League.

Not an hour ago, the movie was rated 43%. It has now dropped to 40%.

While this isn’t as bad as Suicide Squad (26%) or Batman v. Superman (27%), these aren’t achievements to be proud of. Justice League is currently below even Man of Steel (55%), which received generally mediocre reviews. For the DC movie right after Wonder Woman (92%) to receive this kind of score, something must be wrong.


We hope that this is some kind of fluke or error, but it isn’t likely to be. We’re stuck with the heroes we have. Considering the kind of cast it has, this really is a missed opportunity—a sadder ‘what-if’ parallel to Marvel’s Avengers.

Will it succeed financially? Maybe. These movies usually do. Will it be any good? Probably not.

Let us know how it is, because we’re going to have a tough time attending.

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