Recap: FEH Channel Broadcast – November 14

Nintendo has confirmed that Fire Emblem Heroes will continue to receive a healthy amount of support going forward, including a whole new “book” of story content, new heroes, and large scale rebalances.

The boat load of information was confirmed late last evening as part of the newest FEH channel broadcast on the official Nintendo mobile YouTube channel. Within a solid 20 minutes, extended support for the popular mobile title is confirmed that includes expansive updates to core parts of the game, including story, gameplay, and summoning events.

A full breakdown of the details can be found below:

Choose Your Legends Update

– Additional Heroes from the voting event are coming to the game

– Joshua from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones – 18th place

– Mia from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – 16th place

– Lute from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones – 13th place

– Dorcas from Fire Emblem – 12th place

– New Summoning Focus: Farfetched Heroes (Joshua not available)

– Starts November 15

– Earn Joshua by playing Tempest Trials on November 20 starting at 11 PM PT

Rebalance Update

– Staves are getting a boost; each 5 star hero that uses a staff can learn new skills

– Certain countdown triggers for specials are changing

– 18 special skills are changing

– Barracks are being expanded by 100 Heroes

– For main story and paralogue maps, required stamina will now be capped at 10

Weapon Refinery

– Weapon Refinery will be added to upgrade Heroes’ weapons

– Access it after clearing a new part of the story, interlude between chapters

– Paid for with Arena Medals, which are obtained by participating in arena battles

– Paid for with Refining Stones from quests and more

– Paid for with Divine Dew: some heroes have special weapons that will require this

– Refining stones can be used to upgrade weapons and get Divine Dew

Legendary Hero Summoning Event

– 11 Heroes in the summoning event

– Some exclusive Heroes will be available again

– 5 star focus appearance rate will start at 8%

– Non-focus 5 star appearance rates will be at 0% during the event

– Begins November 27 at 11 PM PT

– New character Fjorm can join you as a 5 star ally

Story of Book II

– New story content and chapters

– New villain Surtr: ruler of Flame

– New partner character Fjorm: princess of Ice

– Can jump into the story straight from Book II

– More chapters coming in future updates

Although the broadcast stated that the Book  II content would come to the Fire Emblem Heroes “right away”, it was not included in last night’s update to the title. However, with Fjorm slated to also be part of the Legendary Hero Summoning Event on November 27, it is likely that the material will be implemented prior to then. A new cinematic trailer for Book II can be seen below.

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