‘Super Bomberman R’ Receives Explosive Update

New characters, story content and game modes

ARMS is not the only title to bring free updates to the Switch. Super Bomberman R recently had its Version 2.0 update and it has added a lot of free content.

Konami’s latest Super Bomberman R update adds nine new characters, two game modes and additional story content. The video below highlights the new game modes, which are contained within the new ‘Grand Prix’ format.

Grand Prix is a 3-vs-3 format specifically designed with eSports in mind. Each Grand Prix battle is two rounds, the team with the most points claiming victory.

Points are collected based on which of two modes is selected: Crystal or Basic Bomber. Crystal sees players obtain points by collecting crystals in the stage. Basic Bomber grants points by defeating enemies.

Each character has different power-ups available and Grand Prix is notable for allowing each character to be resurrected until a victory is achieved.

The update also adds more story content, a respective ‘World 7’ available upon completion of the others. As seen at the end of the video, a new threat makes an appearance here.

But most excitingly, nine characters have been added.

Along with the image, we have a list below:

  • Jehuty (Zone of the Enders)
  • Dracula (Castlevania)
  • Reiko (Rumble Roses)
  • Goemon (Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon)
  • Option (Gradius)
  • Shiori Fujisaki (Tokimeki Memorial)
  • Princess Tomato (Princess Tomato and the Salad Kingdom)
  • Anubis (Zone of the Enders)
  • Bubble Head (Silent Hill)

Each character has their own unique special ability, along with series-themed accessories in the shop.

The new characters each represent one of Konami’s major series or franchises. They join those of a previous update, a roster boost which included classics like Simon Belmont and Pyramid Head. There may be a few Konami characters conspicuously missing yet, such as Snake of Metal Gear Solid.

Perhaps Snake will appear in a future update, as there is still more to come.

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