Nintendo and ‘Minions’ Studio Making New ‘Mario’ Movie

Fingers crossed, everyone

In modern times, Nintendo has only sought movies for its Pokemon franchise. Having an anime series already, the movies were only a natural transition. But there are some Nintendo franchises for whom a movie means risky business.


In a Wall Street Journal report this morning, it was revealed that Nintendo and a Hollywood  studio are working on a new Mario movie.

Mario has done well to stay away from the big screen since his 1993 movie, Super Mario Bros.. There were many problems with this movie—including it being live-action—culminating in the movie making under fifty-percent profit. Super Mario Bros. is a mistake most fans do not like to talk about it; which is why Mario’s return to film should be so strange.

In the article, it was made clear that it was Illumination Entertainment that secured the deal with Nintendo. One may know that Illumination, owned by Universal Studios, is responsible for many big box office successes, including Despicable Me and Minions. It is a studio known for its animation work and it is likely this that drew Nintendo in.


Learning from the mistakes of the past, the new Mario movie is to be an animated film. Though it is likely to be the classic Bowser story, it may be a unique story of its own. Shigeru Miyamoto will be present throughout production as one of the film’s producers, bringing the will of Nintendo great agency.

As noted by the WSJ article, the movie project is still “in the early stages of development.” This means that the movie is unlikely to release for some time—several years even.

Videogame movies have historically been troubled projects. The latest Tomb Raider title is set to test the waters before Mario, in March. However the timeline works out, both movies are preceded by many casualties, including Assassin’s Creed and a previous Tomb Raider.

In the meantime, fans can only hope Mario will break the cycle.

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