CAPCOM Hints at Ace Attorney for Switch in 2018

Previously shrouded in mystery, CAPCOM has confirmed that they are developing titles targeted for release on the Nintendo Switch after next April — specifically naming the Ace Attorney series.

The news broke early this morning as part of an interview with the developer and publisher’s COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto, conducted by Japanese publication Jiji. Although CAPCOM’s status with the Switch has been a topic of debate over the system’s first year, Tsujimoto has at least given owners some insight into what the company might be planning for the next fiscal year. Surprisingly, he seems to indicate that fans of the popular Ace Attorney series can expect an announcement in the near future.

So far, support from CAPCOM has been slow, with Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers being the company’s only main release on the hybrid console in North America. The developer landed itself in some hot water with fans, however, by releasing Monster Hunter XX on the Switch exclusively in Japan, with reportedly no plans for localization at this time. Resident Evil Revelations is also planned for release in North America on November 28.

This news at least gives some light at the end of the tunnel for those who have stuck with CAPCOM through some trying times. Increased support in the Nintendo console could mean that outside of Ace Attorney, there is always a slight possibility of potentially seeing future Street Fighter, Marvel vs. CAPCOM, Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, and even Mega Man installment’s on the hit hybrid console.

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