Square Enix Pledges “Aggressive” Switch Support Going Forward

After a massively successful launch year for the Nintendo Switch, Square Enix has promised bolstered support of the system — officially ruling nothing out as a possibility for the next fiscal year, 

With 2018 nearly upon us, many of the larger gaming developers and publishers are providing year-end earnings reports as well as providing insight on what to expect for the near future. Megaton developer Square Enix is one of these groups, dropping a bit of a bomb this week in their remarks on support of the hybrid console going forward. 

According to Square, they plan on taking advantage of the Switch’s rolling momentum by adding it into their consideration when developing multi-platform titles in the future. These would include any IP put out by the company — new properties, current properties, and even properties that have laid dormant for years. 

Great examples of this range would be the upcoming releases of Project Octopath Traveler and Dragon Quest 11 on Switch, as well as the consistent teases of something Final Fantasy XV related coming to the Nintendo platform. This news also lends hope to the desires of many to potentially see a Kingdom Hearts release someday, whether it be a remaster or even Kingdom Hearts III

Although some have doubted the Switch’s ease of development and output power in the past, Square Enix has assured that multi-platform development of their titles is possible — and even preferable — on the hybrid because its core architecture is close to that of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While some adjustments would be necessary, the company assures that “nothing is impossible” for Switch, especially as Nintendo continues to do well for them in terms of developing middle-range games — titles that Square Enix has succeeded with in the past. 

On a side note, as Square Enix and Nintendo continue to be two of Japan’s greatest game developers, it is only likely that Square has acknowledged the potential that the Switch has simply within their own regional market. 

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