Niantic Announces New Harry Potter ARG

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Niantic Labs first helped childhood dreams come true by allowing players of Pokemon GO to become Pokemon trainers. And soon enough, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will allow us all to become wizards too.


Yesterday, Niantic announced that it will be releasing a Harry Potter ARG, done in the style of Pokemon GO. The object of the game will be similar to Pokemon GO, as players explore their real-world neighborhoods to experience the game. However, whereas the Pokemon ARG was about capturing and collecting its creatures, Wizards Unite would seem to focus on battles.

In its press release, Niantic describes the game in terms of learning spells and exploring neighborhoods to “discover and fight legendary beasts.” Though it is unlikely the gym mechanic will return, it is also said that players will “team up with others to take down powerful enemies.” Given that this is not grouped with the beasts, it is possible that this could refer to enemy wizards.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is said to leverage the Niantic system “in a brand new way”. Fans expecting a Pokemon GO remake will hopefully receive a pleasant change.

Some fear that Wizards Unite will replace Pokemon GO in terms of Niantic’s focus. But there is no indication that Niantic will halt development, and it is likely the two will exist simultaneously. After all, Pokemon GO still has plans to release its Generation III Pokemon.

There is no word of a release date or gameplay footage just yet, but stay tuned for any updates.

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