Nintendo Shuts Down Miiverse

Goodbye, Miiverse

It was announced some time ago that Nintendo’s Miiverse service would be shutting down. Yesterday, that day came, after almost five years of operation.

The final post available on Nintendo’s Miiverse page.

Miiverse previously operated as the main social hub for Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS systems. Users could include screenshots, text and pictures in their posts, which the community was then able to react to.

The most prolific of users were the creators of some very high-quality art featured on the service. With the service shutdown, many of these same people said their farewells.




With Miiverse gone, Nintendo fans no longer have an official social hub. The Nintendo Switch has presented no replacement thus far, and alongside an internet browser and streaming service, it is one of the primary features the console is missing.

The Wii U has already begun its disappearance as a system and it would seem the 3DS is following suit. But though the Switch is selling well and home to outstanding successes like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey, it does not seem to be entirely ready to replace these systems.

Fans can only hope that a replacement will come soon. Knowing Nintendo, it is likely there is already something else in the works, ready for announcement.

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